Long Sleeves

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There is nothing showing off the results of our hard work through the use of a heavy-duty tank top, but there are still times when it pays to stay warm. Are you planning on going for a jog before hitting legs? You and a group of friends might have been invited to a local rugby match. Either way, staying warm means staying safe. Not only will you protect your hard-earned muscles from strains and pulls, but you can do so in style. Gorillawear has combined durable fabrics with a one-of-a-kind fit that the larger man prefers.

Putting Style Back Into Gym Wear

One of the issues which many fitness fanatics have expressed is that they are rarely able to encounter garments that are designed for rugged needs while still displaying style. These two considerations have now been addressed with this line of hard-hitting Gorillawear long-sleeved shirts. Not only do you have a choice of colours, but each boasts the famous Gorillawear logo. Anyone who is keen on proper gym apparel is well aware that this brand is always at the top of the game. Displaying such stunning graphics illustrates that you appreciate the unique balance of form and function.

Keep Cool While Staying Warm

As these shirts are fashioned from pure cotton, you can enjoy the added benefit of having the sweat wicked away from your body. Not only is this critical to stay comfortable, but let's never forget that excess sweat can quickly lead to hypothermia on colder days. So, it never hurts to add a bit of science into what is already an impressive package. Gorillawear is proud to offer this synergy of comfort and form-fitting utility. Why not go ahead and pick up yours today? Get ready to take your training to the next level.